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Naton Public Welfare Foundation Made Donation for Schools again in Xingren, Guizhou

In early 2016, Beijing Naton Public Welfare Foundation went to Xingren, Sichuan Province to make donation for school again after their first coming in October, 2014. Last time, we sponsored 113 orphaned and poor children. Among them, 91 children overcame various difficulties to keep studying at school and five students have entered vocational school. Eight students decided to look for a job after middle school. Because of the pressure of food and clothing, nine of them had to drop out of school. In order to know more about the orphaned and poor children and build up the communication between sponsored children and our volunteers, our group of four went to Xingren country again to visit and sponsor those children, carrying on the tradition of love. As representatives of our 65 volunteers, this group of four brought our care and love to Guizhou and realized the promise to those about one hundred children, 

There are two activities this time. One is home visit to 21 children in 7 towns, in which we can know more about their life and study condition and send our presents and tuition fee to them by our own hand. The other one is to send the tuition fee to Xingren Education Bureau for the children without home visit. Then Education Bureau will send it to every child instead of us. During the visit, our volunteers had a deep communication with the children’s parents and their teachers. We hoped they can overcome the hardship to pay more attention to children’s inner world and mental health, so we can create better environment for their growing up. 

During this visit, our volunteers put forward an activity, in which we sent every child three blue ribbons and asked them to tie it on their beloved hand. Most of the children tied the blue ribbons on their parents’ and teachers’ hands quickly. Some shy children also tied it on the volunteers’ hands. Facing to children’s smiling face, tears, dodge and hug, volunteers were moved into tears several times. We hope these lovely children can be admitted to high school and university to change their destiny and they can have a better and promising future.